Continuous Forms

Of or relating to paper, blank forms, checks, etc., supplied in a folded stack or roll to a device, as a computer printer, generally with perforations between sheets for later separation and often with detachable punched edges used to advance the sheets through the device.

We can design and print continuous computer forms in many sizes with repeat lengths of 3 1/2", 3 2/3", 4 1/4", 5 1/2", 5 2/3", 7", 7 1/3", 8 1/2", 11" and 14". We can print your forms in up to 4 colors and 8 parts.

The beauty of continuous forms is that groups of forms can be printed in one continuous stream. After printing, the completed forms are easy to separate from each other to be decollated and distributed.

Inform in form.

The following options are available on Continuous Forms:

  • Numbering
  • Punching
  • Internal perforating
  • Marginal words
  • Crimping
  • Line gluing
  • And more!

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