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Acceptable File Types:

Adobe Acrobat (PDF)

The PDF format is one of the best and most widely accepted ways to package documents and artwork for printing. However, problems can arise when a Prepress department is asked to edit the contents of the PDF. Due to licensing issues, Acrobat files don't like to share their fonts with editing software which often causes big problems and a lot of wasted time.

PDF files are generally edited using software such as Adobe Illustrator. If Illustrator cannot locate one of the fonts on the host computer, it'll be substituted with a default typeface.

Be sure to send us any and all fonts that appear in the document if Forms & Printing Service, Inc. will need to edit it.


Please consult with us before uploading your CorelDraw files for printing.

EPS (Encapsulated Postscript)

EPS is a format that is often used for small vector graphics such as company logos. However, sometimes it is used for entire pages of artwork. If you intend to use the EPS format, please convert all text to outlines before sending the file. If Forms & Printing Service, Inc. will be editing the file, then please include all of the fonts used in it.


Please save images as JPG, TIF, or PNG files with a resolution of at least 300 dpi. Image resolution can be changed by selecting Image > Image Size... from the drop-down menus. Resolutions greater than 300 dpi are preferred. You can change the type of file that's saved by using the Save As command in the File drop-down menu: File > Save As.

Also, be sure that the image uses the CMYK color palette mode by selecting: Image > Mode > CMYK Color.


Convert all text in the document to vector graphics by selecting Type > Create Outlines from the drop-down menus. If there's any chance that Forms & Printing Service, Inc. will need to edit the document, please include all of the fonts that appear in the original file. It's best to package all related files into a single folder before sending them to us. To do this, make a new folder, put all of the fonts and Illustrator files into it, then compress it into a single .zip (PC) or .sit (Mac) file.


Please consult with us before uploading your InDesign files for printing.

Quark XPress

Please consult with us before uploading your Quark files for printing.

Microsoft Office 2007 (PC)

We accept files for Microsoft Office 2007 or older for PC.

Microsoft Office 2004 (Mac)

We accept files for Microsoft Office 2004 or older for Mac.


We accept OpenOffice documents from programs such as OpenOffice and StarOffice.

A Note About Fonts:

Missing typefaces are one of the primary issues faced by a Prepress department. Forms & Printing Service, Inc. has an extensive library of fonts, but there are tens of thousands in existence with more being created all the time.

Sometimes fonts that appear to have the same name aren't the same after all. For example, competitors Adobe and ITC both sell a Garamond typeface, but one differs slightly from the other due to the shape of the characters. Thus, it is an excellent idea to include all fonts that are needed when forwarding artwork to us.

If the artwork doesn't require editing, it's best to flatten any graphics and to convert all of the text to outlines. The text won't be editable, but it will print exactly as it appears regardless of fonts.

If you have questions about file formats or have special needs, call (713) 266-4201 or send us an email at and we'll do our best to help you.

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